About the Foundation


Our Commitment

At The Rock, we are a close, caring community of students, families and staff who are united in our passion for education, and creating an environment where kids can flourish.

The Painted Rock Elementary School Foundation -- YOUR Foundation - - is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of supporting critical programs that are not funded by the school district.

Our Volunteers

This year, sixteen parents, three teachers and two staff members serve on the Foundation Board. These volunteers do more than fundraising for The Rock. They represent the interests of our students and families, working with our teachers and staff to make the Painted Rock experience exceptional for every child.

Our Funding Priorities

Through generous donations from our families, community partners and employers, your Foundation provides:

  • Access to computer programming
  • In-class technology devices
  • On-site science lab
  • Music classes
  • Enhanced reading instruction designed to IMPACT every student
  • Enriched classroom materials for each teacher
  • Physical Education Teacher

Our Fundraising Goals

To provide the extra services and programs that go unfunded by the school district, our Foundation must raise more than $160,000 this year. A third of our annual budget is funded through our GET THE ROCK ROLLING: 252 Campaign.

Now is your time to GET THE ROCK ROLLING by donating $252 per student. All donations are tax-deductible and many employers match donations.

Donate Today

2018 Tax Receipt

Thank you for the donation(s) your family made to the Painted Rock Elementary School Foundation (PRESF) in 2018! If you would like to view your donations and print a receipt for the 2018 tax year, please follow the steps below. If you require any additional tax documentation, please email presfdn@gmail.com and a Foundation volunteer will provide you with what’s needed.


1. Go to Donor Tools 

2. Click My Donations. This will take you to a sign in page. If you've previously signed up as a donor, then enter your username and password. Otherwise, click "Need a donor account" to sign up. 

3. Fill out the requested information and click "Sign up for Donor Self Service" and then follow the steps to confirm your identity through email.

4. Please note: _Donor Tools may return a message "email has already been taken". This means you already have an account. Please return to the sign in page, enter your email address, leave the password field blank and click Forgot my Password._

5. When in your account you can print a giving statement by selecting "print" or to print a receipt for a particular donation, click on the donation amount in the list of donations and then select print. You can update your contact information if needed as well.

Print customized tax receipt